College Bound

It used to be that education ended with high school. Like back in the days of your grandparents. Today the buzz word is lifelong learning.

You’ll probably change careers 3-5 times in your life and what you do after high school will prepare you to meet the challenge of a fast-changing workplace. Whether you go to college, vocational school or take time off from school, these pages will help you plan where to go next.


What’s Your Battle Plan?
Did you know that college graduates make 40% more than high school grads? That’s almost a million dollars over your lifetime. So just where are you in planning for your education? “What’s Your Battle Plan” will help you find out.


Planning for College
It used to be that you just chose a 4-year college or university and your next four years were all mapped out. Today, between the traditional route and a vast array of technical, vocational and on-line schools, your options are extremely wide.


Action Plan for Freshman and Sophomores
Just started high school and think you have plenty of time? Maybe. But working out a battle plan right now can make your high school years more successful and lay the groundwork for getting where you want to go.


Action Plan for Juniors
Time to get into gear. Start your college search and the SAT® testing process.


Action Plan for Seniors
It’s a busy year, narrowing down where you want to go to college, putting in your applications and taking the SAT®, not to mention thinking about how you’re going to finance your education.

How To Finance Your Education
Yes, you can afford the education you want! This is your street map though the maze of scholarships, student loans, savings plans, work study and other ways you can use to make college affordable.

After You Graduate
Financial survival – and success – after you leave school, including how to buy a car or a house and how to plan for the future.

Tuition Loan Test 
Increase Your Earning Potential When You Graduate Take The One-Minute Loan Test