Open a checking or savings account to save your income.

Remember that allowance counts as income. Even if it’s your only source of money, if you are committed… you can still save some of it. Teens who work and earn money have a greater ability to save than those who don’t.


Check Writing

You’ll probably agree that paying for goods and services by a check is convenient and easy because you don’t have to carry lots of cash when you want to make a purchase. In fact, checks are so popular that more than 50 billion are written in the United States each year. But, have you ever considered how checks do their job and what happens when you write a check?


Balancing Your Checkbook

The average person writes about 240 checks each year. Unfortunately, the average person also unintentionally bounces one or two of those checks per year. Almost always, such overdrafts are the result of losing track of how much money is in your checking account.


Savings Goals

When you think of financial goals, you may resolve to pay off a credit card, budget for new carpeting and furniture, or save money for a special occasion. These goals are short-term in nature. Accomplishing long-range goals, however, requires a well conceived plan. Saving for a child’s education, a new home, a new car or retirement requires a prudent savings routine.


Tips for Investing

What’s your investment goal? Are you saving to go to college? Do you want to buy a car? Start your own business? Or save for a trip? No matter what your goal, the smartest way to reach it is through wise investments. This section of Money Matters explores your investment options to help you make the most of your opportunities.