Managing Money

From the moment you got your first allowance, it didn’t take you long to figure out one thing about money. There never seems to be enough for everything you want to buy. Managing Your Money takes you through the world of budgeting, banking and finance, showing you ways to stretch your dollar and make it work harder for you.



Your relationship with your bank is one of the most important relationships you’ll ever have. In this section, we talk about how to keep your Checking account in the black, make your Savings Accounts work hard for you, and enter the world of Investments.


Money Matters

Making your money go further is the goal of Budgeting, maybe to enable you to Buy A Car, usually the first major purchase anyone makes. What kind of car can you afford? Take the Auto Loan Test and find out.


Tips for Borrowing

Whether it’s buying a car, planning for higher education expenses or managing your first credit card, buying something on time marks your first step into the adult world of finance. Tips for Borrowing looks at Credit OptionsResponsible BorrowingHow to Establish Credit and How to Protect your Credit. Plus our instant Credit Test will help you plan how much you can safely borrow.