For Students Only

Who says you have to be out of school and working for a living to have questions about money? You know better. In this section of BankSITETMOnLine we talk about things that are important to you. Financing your education. Buying a car. Moving out on your own. Whether you’re in college or high school, these pages are for you


What’s Your Battle Plan

Did you know that college graduates make 40% more than high school grads? That’s almost a million dollars over your lifetime. So just where are you in planning for your education? “What’s Your Battle Plan” will help you find out.


How To Finance Your Education

Talks about the ins and outs of saving for an education, student loans, scholarships, work study and other methods for coming up with the cold cash you need for school. 


Managing Your Money

Making your money go further is the goal of Managing Your Money. You’ll learn the inside scoop on checking and savings, and get some money-saving tips on how to get and keep credit. Good stuff you can use now, while you’re still hitting the books and later after you graduate.


After You Graduate

is about the things you’ll want to know after you get that diploma. It includes how to buy a car or a house and how to plan for the future. 


Tuition Loan Test

Increase Your Earning Potential. When You Graduate Take The One-Minute Loan Test and check your Test Score