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What’s your investment goal? Are you saving to put your kids through college? Do you want to buy a nicer home? Start your own business? Or enjoy a more secure retirement? No matter what your goal, the smartest way to reach it is through wise investments. This section of BankSITE® Online explores your investment options to help you make the most of your opportunities.

Our “One-Minute Investment Test” will help you find out if you’re in a good candidate for a particular investment product. You can take the test in the privacy of your own home and best of all, no one needs to know how you scored, but you. Just select a product and put yourself to the test.


Certificates of Deposit

Have some cash to spare? We’ll show you a smart, no-risk way to invest it. Our One-Minute CD Test will help you find out whether a short-, medium-, or long-term CD is right for you. Or as an alternative, you’ll find out whether you should consider opening a Money Market Account.


Retirement Accounts

Thinking about how you can retire more secure? We’ll show you one of the quickest ways to help you build a “retirement nest-egg.” And if you’re eligible, you’ll save on taxes too! Take our One-Minute IRA Test


Mutual Funds

What type of investor are you? Take our Investor Profile Test and find out! You’ll also find out what category of Mutual Funds you should consider. 


Financial Planning

Will you be able to reach your financial goals? Find out if you should consider investing some of your money instead of just saving it with our Financial Planning Test.