Investing Quiz

“Never invest in anything that eats or needs repairing”
— Billy Rose


Let’s Talk about Stocks

Before you invest in the stock market, learn all you can. One way is to take the quiz below to see how much you know about terms used with stock market transactions.

Can You Speak the Language of the Stock Market?

Take the Quiz Below:


Electronic Fund Transfers a. A pool of money managed by an investment company to invest in securities.
Yield b. A fractional share of ownership in a company.
Diversification c. The buying power of the dollar decreases and, conversely, the cost of goods and services increases.
Stock d. A computer banking system in which an account holder can conduct certain banking transactions from a home computer terminal or an automatic teller machine
Inflation e. The financial holdings of an individual or corporation.
Liquidity f. The amount or rate of return on an investment.
Mutual Fund g. Spreading out investments in different companies or financial areas. This helps hedge against stock market volatility.
Portfolio h. The ability to buy and sell securities on short notice without substantial financial losses.

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