Financial Planning Test Score

Should You Be Getting More For Your Money?

By taking the Financial Planning Test, you’ve taken the first step towards developing your own personal financial plan. For now, just compare your total score to the chart below. You’ll find out whether you should be investing a portion of your money in addition to saving it… a move that could take you even closer towards achieving your financial goals.



If Your Test Score is…

15 points or less: You should continue to save and consider putting money into a basic investment vehicle. We also recommend that you consider contacting an investment professional to help you establish a plan to accumulate more assets and better define your investment goals.


16 to 39 points: You should contact an investment professional today to begin an investment plan. You’re doing a good job of accumulating assets, but your financial picture has become involved enough that you would benefit greatly with some professional guidance. Speak to one of our investment professionals.


40 points or more: You have the resources and the need to refine your investment program. It’s also important to make certain that all the elements of your financial picture are working together and as productively as possible. We recommend a comprehensive financial evaluation of your situation to reveal those areas in need of updating. You should make an appointment as soon as possible with one of our investment professionals.

This chart is for your information only. Your total score does not recommend a particular investment, nor does it guarantee that any investment will achieve its investment objective. Investments are not deposits and are not insured or guaranteed by the FDIC, or any other government agency. Investments involve investment risks including the possible loss of your principal amount. Always ask for a prospectus and read it carefully before you make any investment in a mutual fund.